Lisa Dietrich

Filming Coordinator
phone: 323.620.4470

Lisa Dietrich's passion for production runs deep. She has been negotiating, coordinating and overseeing filming on location for over 30 years. Her ethics, morals, standards and efficiency have never wavered. Lisa takes pride in making sure that when a production rolls into 'her house', that she will go to all lengths to ensure that they have a wonderful filming experience, which has been proven by her consistent returning clientele throughout the years.

What they're saying

  • Ilt Jones, 'Transformers' 'Inception' 'The Dark Knight Rises'
    "Lisa truly cares about the ease and success of your production."
  • Terry Gusto,  'Dexter' 'The Wedding Band'
    "I have worked with Lisa now for several years and have found her to be one of the top professionals in her field both as a filming coordinator and a site manager.  As the location manager for the TV series “Dexter”, and the pilot and TV series “The Wedding Band” Lisa has been an absolute professional to work with. Both of these series and production companies look forward to going back and doing business Lisa again and again."
  • Kris Wagner, 'Spider-Man 1,2 & 3' 'Men of a Certain Age'
    "I have worked with Lisa for many years. She is always resourceful, reliable and maintains very good communications with her clients. Lisa is also well known to the Members of the Location Managers Guild of America, and recently hosted a successful fund raising event for LMGA annual charity build for Habitat For Humanity."
  • Rob Baldwin, ‘Entourage’
    “I have worked with Lisa for several years and I have found her to be consistently pleasant and immensely helpful working with me on my TV show “Entourage” as well as many other TV projects I have done. She consistently comes through for me and she is a joy to work with. She always takes the initiative every time we have filmed at her property. She is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits for any scenes we want to film and they always seem to work out for us.”

  • Ed Duffy, Trustee, Local 399
    “I have always been impressed with with Lisa’s ability to represent a property to meet the needs of her client as well as the industry in a fair and professional manner. She has a reputation in the industry always being honorable, responsible to any request, and covering all details that are so important to any film project”
  • Diane Friedman, ‘90210’
    “Lisa is a true professional who understands the needs of a production company and knows how to facilitate a film shoot in a multi-use facility. She represents the parameters of the location honestly, then does everything possible to make it work for everyone. She is fair, up-front, and reasonable.” 
  • Paul Wilson, 'CSI : Crime Scene Investigation'
    “Lisa is always a pleasure to work with and very accommodating with our constant requests and changes. It is always nice to find a location representative who is attentive and professional.”
  • Andree Juviler ‘The Closer’
    I have known and worked with Lisa Dietrich for many years in my capacity as a location manager and it has always been an enormous pleasure.
    More recently, on an episode of TNT’s series “The Closer”, we filmed at a location Lisa represents.    It was one of the easiest and smoothest shoots of the season.    She always made access to the location easy, contracts were negotiated without difficulty, changes in schedule were accommodated with flexibility and on the filming day all of our requests were reasonably granted.
  • Mac Gordon, ‘Detroit 187’ 'The Mentalist'
    “Lisa is has always been fair, accommodating and pro-active in anticipating problems. Her experience with the motion picture industry is invaluable to both property owners, and to us, the people on the ground who actually move shows around town.”
  • Rosa-Lee Pierce, location manager
    "Lisa takes her work seriously and strives to make good arrangements for both property owner and Location Manager alike. That is often a tight-rope walk and Lisa does it incredibly well. She is always one of my first calls when I’m scouting."